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Course Name Holes Phone City State
Minnehaha Country Club Sioux Falls SD
Dakota Dunes Country Club Dakota Dunes SD
SpringBrooke Golf, and Grill 9 holes
(855) 386-1275 Beaver Creek MN
Hartington Golf Club 9 holes
402-254-7312 Hartington NE
Lakeview Golf Course Crofton 9 holes
402-388-4552 Crofton NE
South Ridge Golf Course 9 holes
402-404-8887 South Sioux City NE
Covington Links Golf Course 18 holes
402-494-9841 South Sioux City NE
Highland Oaks Golf Course 9 holes
402-755-4222 Ponca NE
Niobrara Valley Golf Course 9 holes
402-857-3412 Niobrara NE
Tatanka Golf Club 18 holes
402-857-3504 Niobrara NE
Old Dane Golf Course 9 holes
402-987-1100 Dakota City NE
Tyler Golf Club 18 holes
507-247-3242 Tyler MN
Rolling Hills Golf Club 9 holes
507-274-5166 Westbrook MN
Hendricks Golf Club 9 holes
507-275-3852 Hendricks MN
Luverne Country Club 9 holes
507-283-4383 Luverne MN
Worthington Country Club 18 holes
507-376-5142 Worthington MN
Town and Country Golf 9 holes
507-425-3328 Fulda MN
Mountain Lake Golf Course 9 holes
507-427-3869 Mountain Lake MN
Adrian Country Club 9 holes
507-483-2722 Adrian MN