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Course Name Phone Holes City State
Mountain Lake Golf Course 507-427-3869 9 holes
Mountain Lake MN
Silverback's North Valley Golf Course 507-662-5755 9 holes
Lakefield MN
Pipestone Country Club 507-825-2592 9 holes
Pipestone MN
Rolling Hills Golf Club 507-274-5166 9 holes
Westbrook MN
Savannah Oaks Golf Course 507-865-1135 9 holes
Lynd MN
Slayton Country Club 507-836-8154 9 holes
Slayton MN
Springfield Golf Course 507-723-5888 9 holes
Springfield MN
Town and Country Golf 507-425-3328 9 holes
Fulda MN
Tracy Country Club 507-629-4666 9 holes
Tracy MN
Windom Country Club 507-831-3489 9 holes
Windom MN
Akron Golf Club 712-568-3146 9 holes
Akron IA
Alta Golf & Country Club 712-200-2442 9 holes
Alta IA
Aurelia Golf Club 712-434-5498 9 holes
Aurelia IA
Brookside Golf Club 712-378-2595 9 holes
Kingsley IA
Deer Run Golf Course 712-947-4653 9 holes
Hinton IA
Hawarden Golf Course 712-551-4444 9 holes
Hawarden IA
Holstein Country Club 712-368-2530 9 holes
Holstein IA
Indian Hills Golf Club 712-336-4768 9 holes
Spirit Lake IA
Little Sioux Golf and Country Club 712-283-2162 9 holes
Sioux Rapids IA
Meadowbrook Golf and Country Club 712-728-2060 9 holes
Hartley IA